Thursday, August 15, 2013

Smoke Screen A True Story About The Lives Destroyed By Smoking

I'm happy to announce my new book on Amazon Kindle: Smoke Screen, A Cautionary Non Fiction Account of Manipulation and Deception This book is 40 years in the making and began when my dear sweet departed beloved Mother was pregnant with me.  I wrote this book to share my personal story with involuntarily breathing toxic secondhand smoke and raise awareness about the truth big tobacco heinously hides and the ugly nasty addiction that destroys lives from coast to coast and around the world.  I am no longer the shy awkward scared little girl who was stifled and was not allowed to speak about this issue.  Instead, today, I'm a strong independent free thinker new Mother and happily married and I will no longer remain silent about this crucial issue that continues to hurt and destroy families with its toxic poison. I wrote a very special Memorial to my dear sweet beloved departed Mother and I dedicate this book to her.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Gratitude For Being A Wise Healthy Sober Mama Part II

Mother's Day has always been a very special day for me because I celebrated with the 2 most important women mentors in my life, my Mama and my Grandma.  Sadly, my Grandma passed away 20 years ago due to the insidious ugly cigarette smoking addiction that hooked her, and my Mama couldn't process the grief so her therapist got her hooked on big pharma anti-depressant meds.  Sadly, my dear sweet beloved Mama recently passed and the overwhelming painful grief is really taking its toll on me.  Unlike my Mama, I'm processing the grief in a healthy manner and I'm doing my best to take extra good care of my health with good caring tender loving self care, including delicious healthy homemade meals, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and organic essential oils, Ayurveda, and organic chamomile tea.  I'm also busily writing important informative articles that raise awareness and that is very therapeutic and helps me feel better.  

I'm in the process of editing a book I wrote that shares a story about a very famous Hollywood family that I was raised by and grew up in and tells the truth about big tobacco and the countless lives it destroys in its path.  I wrote a dear sweet loving Memorial to my Mama, especially since I'm the only person in my family who will acknowledge that involuntarily breathing secondhand cigarette smoke from the cigarettes that her Mama, my Grandma, smoked contributed severely to her ill health.  This important special eye opening book will be published in print this Fall 2013.  Please stay tuned for writing and publishing updates on my Facebook Author Fan Page.

I miss them both and I feel tremendous painful grief and sadness that my dear beloved Grandma's addiction ate way at her and I feel sad that my Mama couldn't live without her meds and she could barely talk.  Thankfully, I inherited their beautiful wonderful healing Love and today, I'm a hard-working devoted Mama to my wonderful beautiful little 1 year old baby, Michelangelo.  He's growing into such an amazing, smart, adorable, funny little boy and he's truly magical.  I smile when I look into his eyes and I see my beautiful eyes and smile in him.  

Thank goodness, I'm Blessed and strong enough to not succumb to insidious vices and addictions that destroy the body.  Stress and anguish are part of my life, but I'm grateful for the comedy, entertainment, beautiful intimate moments with my dear husband and the sweet fun moments with my dear husband and baby boy to help me get through it.  Booze, cigarettes, and drugs have no place in my life and that will continue everyday that I Honor and respect the red lights of life, as well as my intuitive Inner Voice.  Happy Mother's Day to all devoted, caring, loving, nurturing, hard-working Mamas and may your life be filled with Peace and Love.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoy A Healthy Smoke-Free Holiday Season and New Year!

Smoking is indeed an ugly, terrible, nasty habit and there is no time like the present to kick its butt! It's the 21st Century, in the year 2009, and there are plenty of reasons to kick the nasty habit. How about trying this one on for size? Make this Holiday Season special and something special to celebrate! Start the New Year, 2010 healthy and smoke-free! Read my e-book, and give it to your loved ones as a very special gift to say "I Love You!" You can do it and you can do it now! So, stop making excuses and stop looking for every imaginable ridiculous stupid reason to continue this insanity and madness! Give yourself and your loved ones the precious gift of good health and read the e-book that could very well save the precious life of someone you care deeply about and love! Please check the navigation sidebar on the right on this blog for information on how to order and download my e-book, Smoke Screen, A Non-Fiction Cautionary Account of Manipulation and Deception. Enjoy reading this wonderful important informative e-book!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wake Up Call For Smokers and Their Loved Ones!

It's very sad that the very talented Patrick Swayze died from the insidious heinous addictive habit. There is no mystery, secret, or news that smoking is an ugly, disgusting, unhealthy, destructive habit. Here is the question is. Are people ever going to wake up and realize what an ugly nasty addiction smoking is? If they do finally wake up, will they wake up early enough? Thousands of people die from cigarette-related diseases and many of these people are creative, artistic, and very talented. It's the 21st Century & you're still smoking a wrapped piece of paper filled with tobacco and deadly carcinogenic chemicals?! That's insane! Smoking is ugly, nasty, and stupid! There is nothing sexy, appealing, or attractive about smoking. Have you ever tried kissing an ashtray? It's gross and disgusting! Non-smokers have more sex than smokers do. Watch this video to see why!

Pass it On! Tell a friend and a loved one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My New Weekly E-Book Give Away!

I've decided that for a limited time, to introduce my new book, "Smoke Screen, A Cautionary Non-Fiction Account of Manipulation and Deception," there will be a weekly give away of one free copy of my e-book to one lucky subscriber. This e-book is valued at $8.79. Since I won't have a way to contact them, I will announce the lucky winner here on a new post and there is only one catch; they will have two days to claim their prize. If not claimed in three days, I will select a new winner. So, don't delay, subscribe today! Please see the "Subscribe To" gadget on the navigational sidebar on the right underneath the "Poll" gadget to subscribe to the blog posts and comments.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surgery News: Patrick Swayze, Actor In Ghost and Dirty Dancing, Has Died of Pancreatic Cancer

Patrick Swayze, the much loved and very talented actor artist has died of Pancreatic Cancer. Sadly, this much loved, very talented artist was very much addicted to the ugly, nasty, insidious addictive smoking habit. How many more beloved talented people have to die from this ugly, nasty, insidious, heinous addictive habit? When are people going to wake up and realize and admit that smoking is ugly, nasty, and is destroying their loved ones? It's the 21st Century and people are still smoking a wrapped piece of paper filled with tobacco and deadly carcinogenic chemicals?! That's insane! Pass it On! Tell a friend and a loved one!

Please see the following link for the current news story about Patrick Swayze: